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Role Of Digital Technology In Drug Discovery

A study conducted by the Journal of Health Economics showed that, on average, a drug takes nearly 10 years and $2.6 billion to reach the marketplace.

Today, the chances of a new drug entering and getting approved in clinical trials are less than 12%. For instance, to make a reliable medication fo…

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Ways To Boost Employee Engagement Through Technology

Keeping your employees engaged has become slightly tougher than before and therefore requires more effort from the company. With so much technology used in offices, you can utilize it to improve employee engagement in multiple ways. You can explore new tools to integrate within your existing sys…

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Points to Consider When Outsourcing A CRO


Outsourcing as a business practice has stood the test of time for one simple reason- it gets the job done professionally at a reasonable cost. It has ingrained itself into several billion-dollar industries with the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry being amongst them.

Any company whic…

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Top Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry for 2020

With the continuous advancements in the world of pharmaceuticals, the whole industry is in for a major overhaul in the coming decade. With the world heading towards a time where everyone expects to get effective medicines at cheaper rates, other industries (mainly tech and AI) are too joining hand…

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5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Your Workplace

One of the most crucial things for any company’s progress is employee productivity and as an employer, it is your duty to ensure that. However, driving employee productivity is not that simple and it becomes even more difficult if you are small to the mid-level business owner.

When you are an o…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Course of Digital Marketing


Now that customers have multiple tools to interact with each other and brands directly, the next boom in the industry is about to happen and we believe that AI will be a huge factor in driving change.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over industries to provide better and more accurate…

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